Friday, April 3, 2015

American Idol 14: Top 8 Sing Kelly Clarkson Songbook

This week American Idol paid homage to the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. Kelly was on hand to mentor the kids as each performed one of her songs and she also performed two songs live. The also eliminated one of the contestants. I'm actually surprised. but pleased, by the elimination. I really thought this contestant's fan base was bigger and stronger than some of the others, but I guess not.

Idol tried something new this week and had the audience vote on twitter for the person from the bottom two that we wanted to save. Even though the choice was obvious, I didn't expect it. But we will get to the bottom 2 vote in a little while.

Oh, and Ruben Studdard, winner of season 2, was in the house and brought the results envelope out to Ryan.

First, the Top 8.
Nick FradianiCatch My Breath 
Simple backing band on stage with him. Nick sounded great. He seemed more comfortable and had a lot more eye contact. Kelly told him to open his eyes. The judges want him to loosen up even more.

Jax - Beautiful Disaster
Piano and cello on stage with her was nice. I didn't like the outfit she was wearing; too much to deal with dragging a cape/train thing around while competing. She sounded nice though. Harry loved it. Keith thought the production stuff, like the costume, was too much.

Group performance of People Like Us. 

Tyanna Jones - Mr Know It All
Kelly tells her to get bold or mad at someone to sing this song. Tyanna says she was bullied and she is going to channel that feeling. She gives a pretty good performance. I don't like the background singers voices' with her voice. Someone seems off. Harry and JLo felt that Tyanna was singing that to the judges.

Joey Cook - Miss Independent
Joey made it into a funky jazz performance.Jazz band on stage with her. It was a little old school, but I really like it. It didn't sound anything like the original. Joey is definitely an original. Judges loved it.

Kelly Clarkson came out and sang Heartbeat Song. Kelly looked beautiful and sounded awesome. I think it's time for the haters that have been criticizing her post-baby weight to be hushed. Not everyone is a size 0.

Quentin Alexander - Dark Side
The clothes are a little more tame than usual. Another really nice performance from Quentin. Lots of passion in his voice and eyes.

Qaasin Middleton - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger)
Seated center stage, playing his guitar. This was a good choice on paper, but Qaasim didn't quite deliver. He started off strong, but lost the intonation when he went for the upper register on the runs. Not his best.

Kelly came out again and sang At Last. Once again she was awesome.

Clark Beckham - The Trouble With Love Is
Kelly wants him to let go and open his eyes. Clark gave a very soulful performance. And he actually opened his eyes more. Easily the best performance of the night.

And the bottom 2 are Daniel Seavey and Rayvon Owen.

Daniel Seavey - Breakaway
Poor Daniel had shot his voice. He had laryngitis and his performance shows to. Poor kid was doomed from the start. The good news is he is only 15 and made it to the Top 9 of American Idol. we will hear more from him in a few years.

Rayvon Owen - Since U Been Gone
I wasn't too sure about his slowed down version of this song, but he actually sounded better than he has. I think it might be the pressure was off when Daniel sank and he just let go a little more. He still hasn't won me over. Harry said "all chops and no gravy." I agree.

And the first Twitter save went to Rayvon.

So my favorites of the week: Clark, Nick, Joey
Bottom 2: Qaasim and Rayvon with Qaasim going home.

Next week's theme: Billboard Hits
Mentors: Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo.

See you next week to see if I am even close on the elimination.

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