Friday, April 10, 2015

American Idol Top 7

So Idol seems to like the Twitter Fan Save and used it again this week.

The week's theme was Billboard Top 200 so the kids are all singing hit songs from the past few years. I've saw a list of the songs ahead of time, but not who would be performing what, and I was not impressed. This week's co-mentors were Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo. Sadly for FLG, there aren't any country singers left in the competition. But they are smart guys, and were able to give some good advise.  Jason's style was more suited to several of the contestants, and he had good advise for those he helped.

Florida Georgia Line sang their new single, Sipping On Fire.

Jason performed his new single, Want To Want Me.

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson sang Trouble.

Top 7:
Poker Face by Lady Gaga
Huge change-up on the arrangement. Brian Kelley said it might be better to not make such a drastic change. I agree. This was not one of my favorite songs before the change, and I liked it even less after. Jennifer looked very uncomfortable while watching the performance. Keith said the arrangement was interesting. Harry didn't like the performance. Sorry Jax, this was a miss in my book.

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
Brian told Nick to watch himself perform in a mirror and see what he is doing. He can get more comfortable looking on stage. I wouldn't have chosen this song for Nick, but it was a pretty good performance. He definitely looked more comfortable up there. He's using his eyes now and connecting better. Good job Nick.

Latch by Sam Smith and Disclosure
Jason showed Quentin how to get a higher falsetto. Quentin said he was doing something different and he actually did. This was interesting. I'm not sure I love the high falsetto Jason suggested, but overall the performance was alright. Jennifer said she could tell he was thinking too much and he doesn't have to do what others suggest if he is uncomfortable with it.

Joey Cook
Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
Jason told Joey she has "crab hands' all the time and they can be off-putting.
I can't stand Miley's version, but I liked this performance. Joey's quirky voice made it so different. And her outfit for the night was the opposite of Miley singing in underwear or nude. Good job Joey.

Make It Rain by Ed Sheeran
Jason told Clark he is spiritual, but right now he is singing like a prayer, more inward. He needs to be more like a preacher, singing more outward. Clark played his guitar again. The voice is great, but Clark looks uncomfortable with his eyes open. He doesn't know where to look. Harry said the voice was good, but he rushed the song. JLo wants him the get more comfortable.

Tyanna Jones
Stay by Rihanna
Relating the song to her grandmother who passed away instead of a relationship. Beautiful song for her voice. I could tell Tyanna became very emotional during the song, but she held it together until she finished. Harry complimented her on completing the song. Good job.

For the Twitter Save:

Set Fire To The Rain by Adele
Scott said Rayvon is a great technical singer, who isn't as great performing.  Rayvon was ok. I love Adele on this song, but Rayvon isn't as powerful. It was just ok for me. JLO wasn't sure if it was the right song for him.

Hey Ya! by Outkast
Scott said Qaasim is a great performer, but not as great on vocals. Scott was correct. Performance part was good, vocals were not so much. Sorry Qaasim. Your journey on Idol is over with that performance.

Rayvon gets the Twitter Fan Save once again this week.

Ryan said the Top 5 go on tour this summer. That's different.

Considering the overall performances this week, my top 3 were Tyanna, Nick and Joey. My bottom two were Jax and Rayvon.

See you next week.

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