Thursday, May 14, 2015

American Idol 14: And The Winner Is...

... Nick Fradiani!!!

So American Idol Season 14 is a wrap. The songs have all been sung and the confetti has fallen. We have a new WGWG as the winner this season, just as it should be. I mean, American Idol voters really love white guys with guitars. As an added treat, both of the final two guys, Clark and Nick, also play piano. We didn't even know that Nick played piano until he decided to pull that talent out of the air for his next to the last performance. Nice play there Nick. Clark had already played all of his cards and seemed to be kind of stuck in neutral, in my opinion.

While I was thrilled with the outcome of America's vote, I wasn't so thrilled with the finale performances by the big-name stars and the top 12 contestants. I keep thinking that Idol could bring back former contestants and winners to perform, but I guess they have succeeded in alienating all of the former Idols except a few. I saw Candice Glover in the audience, although Ryan didn't acknowledge her. I saw Caleb Johnson on stage after Nick was announced as the winner, but no one seemed to pay him any attention. We saw a tiny clip of Kelly Clarkson saying good luck to both contestants and a poor quality video clip of Chris Daughtry wishing them good luck, but that was it. Actually, I think I saw one of Scotty McCreery too, but that might have been on something else. No matter, the former contestants were basically not there to cheer on the new champion. Maybe next season my dream of an all Idol Finale will come true. Since that will be the final season of American Idol, an all Idol extravaganza is the least TPTB could do for the fans.  I won't hold my breath for that to happen though.

I did like Nick's performance with Andy Grammar, and Tyanna Jones' performance with The Jacksons. And I liked Keith Urban's performance and the performance of the three judges together. That was nice. Clark was ok with Michael MacDonald. Jax was trying so hard to jam with Steven Tyler, who has now gone Country, that I felt sorry for her. I thought it was fun to see Joey Cook with Echosmith, although her voice didn't blend with the lead girl's voice very well. I don't know what moron decided that Daniel Seavey should perform with the old men from New Kids On The Block, but that was just wrong. (And isn't it time for NKOTB to change their group name? I mean, come on. How old are these guys now? A couple of them looked like they could be Daniel's grandpa.)

Well, I'm still dealing with family stuff or I would write about every performance on the show last night. If you missed the finale and want to see what happened, go to American Idol's website and you can watch the full episode of the finale and any of the other episodes from Season 14.

So, that's all from me for Season 14 of American Idol.  I'll try and find some other things to blog about in the near future. Maybe some new music from David Archuleta will grace the world soon.

Bye for now.

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