Friday, January 8, 2016

American Idol 15: Audition Rounds #2

On January 7 Idol broadcast round #2 of the audition rounds, this time hailing from Little Rock and San Francisco.

Season 8 Champion Kris Allen was on hand to help out in Little Rock.

Cameron Richard - 15 - Raceland, LA - student
"Give Me Love" by Ed Sherran  while playing guitar.
Cameron was born with a cleft pallet and doctors didn't expect him to speak much less sing, but he has overcome his obstacles wonderfully. He has a nice voice (including a Louisiana accent) and showed passion while singing. I like him, but it will be a struggle to survive Hollywood.

Daniel Farmer - 24 - Memphis, TN - student
"How Does It Feel" by D'Angelo
This guy loves JLo and it is quite annoying, but surprisingly he has a good voice. Nice R&B performance, but he needs to lose the weird suggestive movements.  I doubt he will survive Hollywood.

Dalton Rapattoni - 19 - Dallas, TX - vocal coach at School of Rock
"Phantom of the Opera"
Dalton gives a great Indie rock style performance of Phantom while playing guitar. He has the right look and a fantastic voice. His articulation of the faster flowing words in this song was spot on. Very unique. Keith "I'm looking for someone giving an artistic contribution and that's what you did."

La' Porsha Renae - 22 - McComb, MS - call rep
"Creep" by Radiohead  done R&B style
She has a powerful voice and this was an interesting take on the song. My only problem is that it was not necessary for her to have her baby in the audition with her when their was a huge family group outside the room waiting for her. I don't think she will go farther than Hollywood.

Speaking of unnecessary, the next chick brought her prize winning chicken along to the auditions. What??? This of course gave the producers a chance to present a montage of contestants who live on farms and ranches and have lots of other livestock. And Keith sings the "Green Acres" theme song with JLo covering the female part.

Trent Harmon - 24 - Amory, MS - rancher
Trent lives on his family's 400 acre ranch and works at the ranch's restaurant.
"Unaware" by Allen Stone  plays guitar
He looks very country, but the performance is all R&B. He has a good voice. Harry says he's a "natural." I don't think he is strong enough to get past Hollywood.

Ryan tells us that over 15 seasons, Idol has seen over 1 million audition.

Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze is on hand to help out in San Francisco.

Brook Sample - 28 - Tucson, AZ - waitress
The lead story on Brook is that she keeps apologizing over and over and over again. She even apologizes for her last name and job.
"Cold Day In July" by The Dixie Chicks
She is a pretty lady with a pretty voice, but the self-deprecating attitude will be her downfall in Hollywood. Either that, or she will pull a 180 and be a nightmare.

Olivia Rox - 16 - Agoura Hills, CA - student
Backstory: producers tell us her parents are both musicians. My research shows that Mom is Tamara Van Cleef, a former alt rock singer and writer/producer and dad is Warren Hill, a famous jazz saxophonist. So music is in this girl's DNA.
"When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars - played on piano although Olivia also has a guitar along.
This is definitely Olivia's own take on the song and it is wonderful. She has an awesome voice and is very talented. This girl has it all together at a very young age. She better go far in the competition.

Here's a link to Olivia's impressive bio:

Idol has an overabundance of talented girls auditioning in San Francisco and gives us a montage of some of the Golden Ticket winners.
Jessica Clark - 23 - San Dimas, CA - cover band singer
Ameet Kanon - 18 - Los Angeles - student
Kayla Mickelsen - 18 - Geneva, IL -
Melanie Tierce - 21 - Murrieta, CA - student
"Rise Up" by Andrew Wartts  She has a beautiful voice and sings with passion. She might go far.

Malie Delagdo - 20 - Anchorage, AK - radio personality.
She was Miss Alaska 2014.
"Chariot" by Gretchen Wilson
Powerful voice and delivered the rap part of the song ok. She might get past Hollywood. At least she knows how to work under pressure.

Harry and Ryan Seacrest change jobs for a contestant.

Brandyn Burnette - 25 - St Louis, MO - musician
Performs an original song,"Lost" while playing piano. Also has guitar along.
Nice song and nice voice. He got 4 yeses. Seems like a nice guy. Hope he can survive Hollywood.

Krysti Jewel (Chavez) - 15 - Arcadia, CA - student
She comes from the ultimate AI fan family. She grew up immersed in the show and has been to tours and met many Idols. Ryan takes her parents in to meet the judges and watch the audition too.
"Mama Knows Best" by Jesse J
She has a powerful voice and is very pretty. Hopefully she can navigate Hollywood and be around for a while.

Tristan McIntosh - 15 - Nashville, TN - student
Mom is a Major in the Army and is deployed to the Middle East.
"Why, Baby, Why" by Mickey Guyton - accompanying herself on piano but has a guitar along also.
This girl has an awesome look and even better voice. She sings with passion and power. Reminds me of Alicia Keys. Harry reads a message to her from her mom after the audition and then, Mom walks in.  Beautiful moment. My son is in the Navy and I miss him terribly, but I can't even imagine being a 15 yr old and mom is deployed. Special moment.

Well, that wraps up one week of AI 15. We've seen some really good talent so far. Hopefully some of these good people get past Hollywood.

My top picks for this episode are Tristan, Olivia, Krysti, and Dalton.

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