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American Idol 15: Hollywood Week #2 - Group Rounds

On Wednesday we saw the "Lines of 10" and the contests cut from 190 to 108. On Thursday we had the infamous group rounds. This is usually where we see what the contestants are made of and how well they interact with others. This year was no different.

The contestants were told to divide into groups of 3 or 4 and chose what they a wanted to sing from the list provided by the producers. Most seemed to do well in this task, but of course it wouldn't be Hollywood week if there wasn't some drama.

First problem, Shelbie Z walks out on her group, leaving only two contestants.

Next Poh Scott decides the competition is too much for her and she walks out of the entire show. She had promise, but I didn't think she was ready for the craziness of Idol. She leaves Dalton Rappattoni and Kassy Levels in a tough spot.

La'Porsha Renae leaves her 4 person group so that the two girls Shelbie left are not eliminated.

Morning rehearsals arrive and Michael Orland finds that most groups are not ready to perform.

Group 1 - Team Blue Eyes
They claim to have it together. They are rested and ready to go.
Jordan Sasser, Kory Wheeler, Jenna Renae, Kelsie Watts
They do a great job on "Treasure" and all advance.

Group 2 - Milk and Cookies
They rehearsed in the bathroom. They are close.
Jenn Blosil, Bri Ray (18 -Orem, UT - student), Lynnzee Fraye (21 - Simi Valley, CA - bartender), Sara Strum
They do a good job and all advance.

Group 3 - OOH X2
Amelia Eisenhauer, Tristan McIntosh, Lee Jean and ? (not named)
They all sound good and all advance.

Group 4 -
Avalon Young, ?, ?.
We only hear Avalon sing and we are lead to believe she advances.

Group 5 - Jeneve Rose Mitchell, ? , ? .
Jeneve and two other girls sing some Lady Antebellum and sound awesome.
All advance, but we are not told the other two girls' names.

Group 6 -
Chynna Sherrod, Terrian, ?, ? .
"No Place I'd Rather Be" sounds great.  All advance, but we still don't know two names.

Group 7 -
Trent Harmon has Mono and has been given the choice of singing by himself or give up and go home. He chooses to sing and doesn't even sound sick. A no brainer - sick or not, Trent is advancing.

Group 8 -
This is the group that Shelbie Z finally landed in. There is still drama.
Michelle Marie, Shelbie Z, Ashley Luck, and Lindsey Carrier
Lindsey caused the drama in this group and, guess what, Lindsey goes home. The other three advance.

Group 9 -
John Wayne Schulz, Jessica Cabral, Zach Person, Elvie Shane
Elvie is the only one we hear sing from this group and he is the one sent home.

Group 10 -
Ashley Lilione, MacKenzie Bourg, Juno ?, Kayla Mickelsey
Lackluster performance by Ashley has her packing for home.

Group 11 -
Cameron Richard is the only one of the trio we see named or hear sing. Cameron is sent home.

Group 12 - Chicken Noodle Soup
Dalton Rappattoni and Kassy Levels lost Poh early in the evening, but finally found Anatalia Villaranda (15 - Temecula, CA - student) who had been ditched by her previous group. They do a good job on "Treasure" and all advance.

Group 13 - Envy
This is the group that Anatalia left.
Andrew Nazarbekian, Sonika Vaid, Stephany Negrete
They sound just ok. They all have big egos and attitude problems. For some reason, they all advance.

The producers give us a montage of contestants with "No Rhythm" who are sent packing: Josiah Siska, Jaci Butler, Brian Dale Brown are named but there are several others shown.

Group 14 - Trick or Treat Tri
Marcio Donaldson (26 - Compton, CA - server), Jon Klasson (17 - Greenwood, IN - student),
Kylle Thomasson (22 - Stockton, CA - busker), Kacye Haynes
This group does a great version of "Uptown Funk" even though they are obviously tired.  All 4 advance.

Group 15 - Smooth Soul
Joy Dove, Daniel Farmer, Lindita
Joy was a little better than I expected. Daniel was too passive and Lindita was just too much all together. Oddly, only Daniel is sent home.

Group 16 - Gianna Isabella, Eliz Camacho (24 - Fayetteville, NC - singer, actress), Dana Ordway (24 - Palm Coast, FL - sales associate)
Eliz is pictured as the nightmare attitude of the group. She clashed with Gianna's mom and the girls. Jennifer Lopez says there was tension in the group and "If you don't play well with others, you won't last long." Eliz is sent home.

Group 17 - Good Vibes
Alesana Tolai, Jessica Paige, Olivia Thai, Joe Dahman
This group should have been named No Vibes because they were so bland. Harry said "So guys, you look like your dog just died." Only Jessica advances.

Group 18 - CJ Johnson, Jess Kellner (24 - Austin, Tx - hairstylist), Jessica Baker (26 - Charlotte, NC - hair stylist) Zach Joseph (26 - Hickory Hills, IL - construction worker)
Another performance of nothing special. Zach is sent home.

Group 19 - Thomas Muglia (17 - Gilbert, AZ - student), Joey Hendricks (19 - Goodyear, AZ - deli worker), Bryson Dunn (19 - Deer Park, TX - student), Thomas Stringfellow
Another bland group. Thomas Stringfellow is the only life in the group. Joey and Bryson are sent home.

Group 20 - Rebirth
This is the group La'Porsha left.
Manny Torrez, Malie Delgado, Christian Eason (21 - Philadelphia, PA - cheerleading coach)
They sound great. Manny really owns the stage and pulls the others through. They all advance.

Group 21 - The Soul Cats
Laurel Wright, Marshall Cunningham (22 - Nashville, TN - musician), Drew Angus, John Authur Green
They should have been called the No-Soul Cats because they all forgot the lyrics to "Staying Alive."
Laurel and Marshall faked it the best, because they advance.

Group 22 - The Sista's
This is the group Shelbie Z left and La'Porsha Renae saved.
La'Porsha Renae, Tonie Starr (27 - Mansfield, TX - receptionist), Marlena Johnson (24 - New Bedford, MA - assistant mgr
"Staying Alive" La'Porsha sounds great. Marlena forgets the lyrics, but does a pretty good job faking it. They all three advance.

After the group round,s and only judging on those contestants we actually heard sing (since there are many contestants we did not hear from on this show), I like La'Porsha (yes, I know I didn't like her that much before, but I can change my mind), Manny Torrez, Jordan Sasser (yes, another one I wasn't sold on before), Dalton Rappattoni, and Trent Harmon. If Idol really wants to crown a female champion this final season, some others might want to set up to the plate and at least try swinging. I hope we see more from the girls next week. Otherwise I have a feeling America will be voting for another WGWG. Not that that is a bad thing. There are a lot of really good musicians who grace that category.

Next week we are scheduled for more drama and more dreams being crushed. See you then.

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