Thursday, January 14, 2016

American Idol Season 15 Auditions #3

Last night the third round of auditions aired. This time Idol was in Philadelphia. Clay Aiken was on hand to "Help" the contestants. The show was only one hour long and seemed to have lots of useless filler. Only 6 Golden Ticket winners were shown here. I sure hope the unseen were better than the group we saw.

Gianna Isabella - 15 - Jackson, NJ - student
Backstory - Her mom is Brenda K Starr, who was a pop singer in the 1980's and now does salsa music. Jennifer Lopez remembers her. They went to the same dance school.  Mom is an emotional mess about this audition.
"House of the Rising Sun" Her voice is ok, but I don't like her phrasing of the song. Not sure what the judges are seeing that I didn't. Gianna and mom will be a mess in Hollywood.

Isaac Cole - 15 - Emlenton, PA - student
"Love Like Crazy" Lee Brice  -  WGWG
This boy has "Bieber hair." He grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania and wants to be a country singer. He sings with a southern twang. Harry tells him to lose the twang and sound like himself. Keith tells him he's not quite ready, but they put him through. Hollywood will be rough on him.

Sara Strum - 17 - Centreville, VA - student/hostess
"Lips Are Moving" Meghan Trainor
She has a nice voice. She might make it a little while in Hollywood, but not to the live shows.

Jenn Blosil - 23 - Broklyn, NY - childcare
"Radioactive" by Imaging Dragons - she plays the piano but is carrying a guitar also.
This girl seems kind of odd, a little "out there." Jennifer says she's quirky. I actually like her voice and the performance of the song including her piano skills. Either she will have a nervous breakdown in Hollywood or she will be oblivious to the craziness of it all.

Harrison Cohen - 17 - New City, NY - student
original song "No Time"  - WGWG
This boy thinks he's a ladies man and is making eyes at Jennifer Lopez. His grandpa is along and checking out all the girls for him.
The song is pretty good, maybe better than the kid's voice actually.  Another Hollywood axe.

John Arthur Greene - 27 - Raleigh, NC - Broadway Actor
Sad backstory of the night. John accidentally shot and killed his older brother when he was only 8. He has used music to deal with his pain since then. Currently performing in "Mathilda" on Broadway.
"Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban - WGWG
He has a nice country voice, but his facial expressions are overdone. The pain in his soul is evident in his face. Harry said no, but Keith and Jennifer want to see what else he can do.
I think he might be able to hang in there for a while.

I don't think any of these 6 could actually win this year.  John Arthur Greene was the best of the group we saw on this show.

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