Friday, January 15, 2016

American Idol Season 15: Auditions #4

The episode puts us back at the Little rock and Denver auditions.

Ryan is amazed that Denver is having a Beer Fest at the same time as Idol is doing auditions.

Amber Lynn - 28 - Provo, UT - social worker
James VIII (James Gray Dawson) - 23 - Provo, UT- musician - WGWG
Amber - "Unaware" by Allan Stone - James plays guitar and is rushing the beat, but Amber is still really, really good. She has a bluesy, soulful sound.
James - "Sun Comes Up" by John Legend - James plays guitar again. I like his voice. He is very interesting. They both seem very positive.
I think Amber has a better chance of advancing than James does, but neither will get past Hollywood.

CJ (Chris Johnson) - 28 - Memphis, TN - musician - WGWG
"You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall and Oates
As Keith said, he did his own thing. I liked it, but it won't win Idol in the final season.

Ethan Kuntz - 15 - Nashville, Arkansas - student -  WGWG
Family raises hunting dogs. Ethan plays in a blues band. He plays blues and southern rock.
"Stormy Monday" by Allman Brothers  - playing guitar very nicely
He has a gravelly, growlly voice which works well with this song. Unusual for a 15 year old.
Harry said no, but Keith gave him another shot.
I believe he will definitely make it in the music world, but maybe not on Idol.

Mary Williams - 23 - Belfast, TN - horse trainer
"Til I Can Make It On My Own" by Tammy Wynette
She has a pretty voice, but Keith says no - she sang with feeling. I agree with Keith. A classic country song is nothing if it lacks feelings.
Harry and JLo put her through so we will see if she can emote feelings next time.

Terrian - 18 - Memphis, TN - student
Music is her outlet from a tough neighborhood.
"Happy" by Pharrell
She has a decent voice, but she needs lots of work. She's not ready for Hollywood. I don't see her lasting very long.

Thomas Stringfellow - 17 - Bentonville, AR - student - WGWG
"Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran plays guitar
He has a singer-songwriter vibe. Nice voice but not much power shown so far. I think Hollywood might be too much for him at this point.

Tywan "Tank" Jackson - 29 - Ashtabula, OH - dance teacher
"Superstar" by Luther Vandross
He has an ok voice. He did a dance routine to a JLo song before he sang and is out of breath the whole time he is singing. The judges seems to think he has a good voice. I'm not hearing it yet.  It will be interesting to see what happens in Hollywood.

John Wayne Schulz - 27 - Salt Lake City, UT - Flight Instructor in Marine Corp -  WGWG
He auditioned season 10 and lost out to Scotty McCreery in Hollywood. He is originally from Karnes City, Texas. Mother passed from cancer shortly after he left Idol that year.
"The Dance" by Garth Brooks
This is normally a tough song to tackle because people try to sound like Garth. JW does it his way and is awesome. He will be a hit with the country audience - good looking and talented. Plays guitar.
I think he could win the whole thing, if TPTB let another country artist advance far enough to win.

Jordyn Simone - 15 - Los Angeles, CA - student
"Who's Loving You" by Jackson 5
She is very mature looking and sounding. Good voice and very skilled.
She ca go far in the competition.

A couple of shot audition clips for golden tickets:
Kassy Levels - 19 - Dallas, TX - musician
Pretty girl with nice voice, but I doubt she will go very far in competition.
Rhea Raj - 15 - Princeton, NJ - student - playing piano
Pretty girl - breathy sound - very nice, but Hollywood will be too much.

Jake Dillon - 22 - Sand Springs, OK - plumber's apprentice -  WGWG
He has 1 and 2 yr olds. Doing this for wife and kids.
"Danny's Song" by Kenny Loggins - playing guitar.
He has a pleasant voice and can probably do well in general country music, but not on Idol. Sadly he is desperate to get away from his present life, but I don't think he can go far on Idol.

Ashley Lilinoe - 21 - Kane'Ohe, HI - musician
This girl is way laid back in her demeanor and actually seems kind of flaky.
"Black Velvet" - Plays guitar
Interesting rendition of song. She has a decent voice but not for Idol. Jennifer said no, it wasn't enough. Keith liked her guitar playing.

Andrew Nazarbekian - 20 - Moscow, Russia - student
He was born in New York, raised in Moscow.
"Let Me Feel Your Love" by Adele
He has a nice voice and sang with passion. He might last a while, but he won't win.

Elvie Shane - 27 - Caneyville, KY - audio tech - WGWG
He had a trouble past with drugs , but changed when he meet his wife and her son. Now he is a devoted family man.
"House of the Rising Sun" - Plays guitar.
This is a very unique rendition of the song. He is really good and made a great decision to play guitar and have Michael Orland on piano too. The judges were very impressed.
Harry said he can tell it's "Music first, and details later" and he loved it.Jennifer said it was poerful. Keith said the styling was contagious.
I liked this guy a lot. He should go far.

So we have 4 episodes of the auditions completed. Ryan told us next week we will see powerhouse and weirdos. (Not the words he used, but my interpretation of the words.)

This show I liked John Wayne Schulz, Elvie Shane, and Jordyn Simone the best.

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