Saturday, February 27, 2016

American Idol 15: From Top 14 to Top 10

I seem to be running behind in posting these Idol recaps all the time these days. Here is Wednesday's American Idol recap.

The contestants performed to see who America wants to be in the Top 10 for this final season, but first, the judges chose the four contestants receiving a fast pass to the Top 10. The lucky 4 were: Dalton Rappattoni, Olivia Rox, Trent Harmon, and La'Porsha Renae.

Here's what happened with the rest of the Idols performances as they performed previous favorites.

Manny Torrez
"Master Blaster" Stevie Wonder
Manny can work the stage. I do wish his singing had lived up to his potential as well. Only a mediocre performance. Keith said this my not have been the best song for Manny. Sadly, I agree. Manny is probably going home.

Gianna Isabella
"I Put A Spell On You" Annie Lennox
Powerful performance. She looked so grown up this time. Jennifer said the performance was "sassy" and she has the most potential for growth.
She has a chance of sticking around longer.

Thomas Stringfellow
"Story Of My Life" One Direction
No guitar for Thomas this time. He seemed kind of naked without it. He was ok, but I found him a bit hard to understand at times. And he looked so young in the sweater and ball cap he was wearing. Harry said " you need to stop cracking the notes at the end; it gets annoying."
I'm afraid Thomas has sung his last note on Idol.

Tristan McIntosh
"What Hurst The Most" Rascal Flatts
Great job. She wants to be a country star and she will probably get her chance, in time. She won't win Idol though. Keith said it was a beautiful song choice.
Tristan will advance

Avalon Young
"Yo (Excuse me, Miss)" Chris Brown
New hair style and make up for Avalon. I can't stand the song, so I won't even go there with the review. Jennifer thought "it was smooth like butter."
She will probably stick around longer, although I didn't vote for her.

Jenn Blosil
"True Colors"
Jenn was wearing very odd rhinestone eyebrows for the performance. She did a nice job on the song.
Harry said she had a "flawless lyric delivery."
I doubt America will like Jenn very much; she is too different.

Lee Jean
"Make It Rain" Ed Sheeran
Lee stuck with playing his guitar which was a good choice. It makes him more comfortable on stage. This was a beautiful, soulful performance after he got past the nervous beginning.  Keith said "I like you have your own style. The nerves got you tonight."
Hopefully America will vote him through.

Sonika Vaid
"I Surrender" Celine Deon
No mice stand this time. She seemed much more comfortable on stage. Caleb Johnson's mentoring helped her performance value. Jennifer gave her a standing ovation. "I got goosies on my face for the first time."
She should stick around for the Top 10.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell
"Ring Of Fire" Johnny Cash
Sadly, I'm getting tired of Jeneve and her 20-gallon cowboy hat. The performance was ok, but not nearly as good as the first time she sang it. Harry summoned it up best: "Your talent is polarizing - not all will get it."
I don't think enough of America will "get it" to save Jeneve.

MacKenzie Bourg
"Roses" MacKenzie Bourg
He plays the guitar while performing his original song. I think he did a great job. Keith said "You sang great, you played great. It's a 'W'."

So we know that Dalton, Olivia, Trent and La'Porsha are in the Top 10. I think MacKenzie, Sonika, Lee, Tristan, Gianna, and Avalon will be the other 6.

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