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American Idol 15: Top 10 Revealed

Kelly Clarkson, the original American Idol, is a guest judge this show. She will also sing at the end of the show. Kelly is VERY pregnant, and this was the last time she will be available before the end of the show. We saw clips of her performances during season one sprinkled throughout the 2 hour show.

Right to the results.
Joining Dalton, Olivia, Trent and La'Porsha in the Top 10 are: Tristan, Sonika, Gianna, MacKenzie, Avalon, and Lee.   Well, I got the Top 10 correct. (Pats self on back.) Now the guessing gets a lot harder.

Wave good bye to Manny, Thomas, Jenn, and Jeneve.

Time for some more performances by the Top 10. Each contestant also tells us about their favorite former Idol and their performance that touched them the most.  In an effort to keep from writing a novel about these 10 performances, I will only add one judges comment or the overall consensus from the judges.

Ryan tells us 2 will be eliminated next week.

Olivia Rox
Olivia remembers Katharine McPhee and her performance of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
"Unconditional" Katy Perry
Nice soft beginning leads to more power in the middle section. Nice runs and dynamics.  Keith says it was the perfect song choice. Praises from all of the judges.

Gianna Isabella
Gianna had (and probably still does have) a crush on Scotty McCreery. It sounds like she loved everything he sang on the show.
"Listen" Beyonce
She looked and sounded very nervous. Definitely bit off more than she could chew on this song. All the judges said she was nervous and had pitch problems.

Lee Jean
Lee was most touched by season 11 contestant Chris Medina and his audition performance of Break Even for his girl friend who had been injured.
"Skinny Love" Bon Iver
Lee "sticks with what brought him," his guitar. this song is probably I little too out there for most of the Idol audience. he is nervous at first, but gains confidence when the band joins in.  The judges tell lee to stick with what he knows. Ryan surprises Lee with Chris Medina sitting in the audience.

Avalon Young
Avalon liked Justin Guarini from season 1.
"Stitches" Shawn Mendes
The beginning sounded like she was off beat, and too low. It got better at the tempo change. Not great, but much better than the Chris Brown song.  Harry didn't like the halftime beat at the beginning (is that what was happening there) and Keith said she seemed nervous.

Dalton Rappattoni
Dalton tells us that Chris Daughtry was his family's favorite back in season 5 and that he is a huge David Cook fan and would be happy to be even a fraction as good as Cook.
"Hey There Delilah" Plain White T's
This was a great song choice for Dalton. And of course he made changes to make it his own.  Keith said "It was like Electric Barnyard" and Kelly noted how comfortable Dalton is on stage.

Tristan McIntosh
Tristan loved Jessica Sanchez and especially her performance of I Will Always Love You
"Nothin' Like You Dan + Shay
I'm not sure if she totally missed some of the lower notes or if they just blended in with the band. Definitely not her best performance. Jennifer tells her "that song wasn't everything you could do" and Kelly tells her to "sing a song that you have felt."

MacKenzie Bourg
MacKenzie gives credit to William Hung for his performance of "She Bangs", not because of how good it was , but because everyone remembers it.
"I See Fire" Ed Sheeran
MacKenzie plays guitar again.  Nice job. Kelly says her baby was flipping during the performance. Keith says he was chilled and in his zone.

La'Porsha Renae
La'Porsha was most touched by Kelly Clarkson because she also came from humble beginnings.
"Diamonds" Rihanna
Awesome performance. Not much else to say. Awesome.
Standing ovation from judges, except Harry who never stands, fellow contestants and all of the audience. No critiques, only praises from the judges.

Sonika Vaid
Sonika remembers Kelly's performance of I Surrender.
"Bring Me To Life" Evanescence
Working with Caleb really paid off for her. She is so much more animated on stage. Nice job. nice song choice.  Keith said "absolutely killer song choice" and Jennifer said "You are dangerous."

Trent Harmon
Trent acknowledged David Archuleta singing "Imagine" as his favorite powerful moment on Idol.
"Like I Can" Sam Smith
This was an interesting song choice. After he named my all-time favorite Idol as his favorite, I had much higher hopes for Trent. This might be my least favorite performance of his so far.  Jennifer said his voice is "so unique and different" and all of the judges loved the performance.

After all of the Top 10 sang, Kelly took to the stage to sing her single "Piece By Piece." It was an amazingly beautiful song and very emotional. Kelly cried, Keith cried, the Top 10 cried. I'm pretty sure all of America cried. If you missed the performance, go to the internet and check it out. You will be so glad that you did.

So with America voting to save only 8, I think the 2 contestants who are in trouble are Gianna and Avalon.

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