Monday, February 15, 2016

American Idol 15: Top 24 #2 - Duets and Elimination

On this episode the contestants were paired with Idol Alum for duet performances. The Alum included Ruben Studdard, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Nick Fradiani, Fantasia, and Cleb Johnson.

This week 7 will advance and 5 will be sent home.

Lauren Alaina partnered with Emily Brooke
"Flat On The Floor" Carrie Underwood
Lauren sounded good and basically owned the song, but Emily was only ok and actually seemed timid. Not the right song choice for them and the judges agree.

Nick Fradiani partnered with Thomas Stringfellow
"Man In The Mirror" Michael Jackson
It was kind of difficult to understand Thomas' first few lines, but he recovered and did a decent job with the rest of the song. It was ok. The judges didn't like the song choice for Thomas.

Ruben Studdard partnered with Stephany Negrete
"Superstar" The Carpenters
Ruben tells Stephany that she looks like a star, but it is better if people acknowledge her singing ability first above the looks. Ruben sounded great, but Stephany sounded like she missed the first couple of notes in he performance. I don't like the changes she made to the arrangement. I didn't like this duet. Harry acknowledged the note (pitch) problems.

Caleb Johnson partnered with Sonika Vaid
"Skyfall" Adele
This seemed like an odd pairing, but Caleb gave Sonika good advise and seemed to bring her out of her shell more than before. I actually liked this performance. So did the judges.

Scotty McCreery partnered with Jenna Renae
"See You Tonight" Scotty McCreery
This was a little too much for Jenna taking on a Scotty song with him. It was ok, but really didn't show much of what Jenna could do.

Fantasia partnered with La'Porsha Renae
"Summertime" Ella Fitzgerald
This was a battle of the divas. La'Porsha held her own with Fantasia. This was an awesome performance and match-up.

Lauren Alaina partnered with Mackenzie Bourg
"I Hope You Dance" Lee Ann Womack
Lauren was totally flirting with Mackenzie from the minute they met. Even though he does not have as much power in his voice as Lauren, I thought Mackenzie held his own in the duet and their voices blended nicely.

Nick Fradiani partnered with Gianna Isabella
"Beautiful Life" Nick Fradiani
Another tough duet where they are performing the alum's single. Not as bad as Scotty and Jenna. Gianna was challenged to reach notes she wasn't comfortable reaching and did a nice job. Gianna is talented but she just seems so young.

Ruben Studdard partnered with Avalon Young
"Flying Without Wings" Ruben Studdard
Another difficult match-up performing the alum's single. This time worked out all right.  Even though Avalon is a "tom boy"  I do wish that a stylist would help her find clothes that are a little more suited for the competition. she looked so under dressed with Ruben.

Caleb Johnson partnered with James VIII
"Give Me Shelter" Rolling Stones
Caleb tells James to use his guitar to enhance the performance, not hide behind it. James is good, but he just hasn't had enough experience as the lead singer. I think he will find a place in a band, but Idol isn't his ticket to stardom as a soloist. A funny aside- James is at least a foot taller than Ryan Seacrest.

Scotty McCreery partnered with Jeneve Rose Mitchell
"Gone" Montgomery Gentry
Jeneve is totally smitten with Scotty.  This was a totally weird performance. Jeneve developed a major twang while singing with Scotty and she was singing out of the corner of her mouth like Scotty does. And the absolute worst part was the awful Annie Oakley outfit Jeneve was wearing. Please, please .please get her to tame the out in left field western attire. No one dresses like that. Even Keith thought the performance was bizarre. "I'm just gonna forget that happened."

Fantasia partnered with Jordan Sasser
"I Believe" Fantasia
I didn't like their voices together or the fact that he tried to out-diva Fantasia. This was just wrong on many counts.  I guess the producers left the "pimp" spot for the wrong contestant.

In my opinion, only two should be guaranteed to advance: La'Porsha and Mackenzie.

In my opinion, definitely going home should be: Jordan, James, Emily (Because of the terrible solo round), and Stephany.

Judges announced their picks to advance: La'Porsha, Sonika, Avalon, Gianna, Thomas, Mackenzie, Jeneve

Going Home: Emily, Stephany, Jenna, James, Jordan

So, in the year of the girl, so far the judges have advanced 5 girls and 2 guys out of the 8 girls and 4 guys.

The next week should be interesting. We will have 7 guys and 5 girls performing including Dalton Rappattoni, Manny Torrez, and Tristan McIntosh. The Idol Alums participating in duets will be Chris Daughtry, Jordin Sparks, Constatine Maroulis, David Cook, Kellie Pickler, Haley Reinhart.

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