Monday, February 22, 2016

American Idol 15: Top 24 #3 - Solos

The second set of 12 contestants sang solos to impress the judges and advance in the competition on Feb 17.  Here are the contestants, their song selections, my thoughts on the performance , and the judges thoughts.

Shelbie Z
"Work Hard, Play Harder" Gretchen Wilson
The stylist must have gotten a hold of Shelbie this week because her outfit is much more flattering than before.  Shelbie sounds ok, but I'm just not impressed with her. I don't connect with her voice, and I like country music a lot. Keith said she sang in a key in order to be able to hit the last note, but sacrificed the rest of the song.

Manny Torrez
"Adventure Of A Lifetime" Coldplay
Manny has good stage presence and a good voice. I didn't know the song that well, but I thought he did a decent job. Keith said the song choice was not the best for his voice, but it suited his spirit.

Kory Wheeler
"Let It Go" James Bay
Kory plays the piano this time.
This is a mellow song (It is James Bay) which would be nice as part of a whole show, but not really a grabber as the only performance. Kory still seems so uncomfortable on stage. Harry said it was ok, but not special or moving. Jennifer must have been watching something else because she said he was the most comfortable she had seen.

Amelia Eisenhauer
"Wake Me Up" Aviicii
Very slow start. Not waking me up.  There was a very awkward tempo change where she wasn't in sync with the band. This performance did nothing for me. Keith and Jennifer both said this was not the best song choice for her. Harry said she needs to sing quirkier stuff.

Jenn Blosil
"Sorry" Justin Bieber
Jenn plays the piano.
I don't know anything about this song as I do not listen to JB, but it seems like Jenn can't find the key at the beginning of the song. She improved as the song went along. Harry says the performance was extremely out of tune.

CJ Johnson
"I'll Be" Edwin McCain
No guitar this time.
I think this was a great song choice. This might be CJ's best performance so far. Keith and Jennifer both said it was the perfect song, perfect key. Harry said it would have been even better if were in tune.

Lee Jean
"Runaway" Ed Sheeran
Lee plays the guitar.
He is so young, but I can see the talent hiding in him. This wasn't a bad performance. I do like his tone a lot. Keith said he needs to pick the right song. Jennifer tells him to pick songs the audience can sing along to.

Trent Harmon
"What Are You Listening To" Chris Stapleton
Trent plays the guitar.
Nice country soul with just enough soul for Trent. Trent's tone was great on this song. This might be his best performance so far for me. Harry says this is not what he has come to expect from Trent. Keith said this was a tremendous song choice and Trent sang it great.

Tristan McIntosh
"Good Girl" Carrie Underwood
I love her voice and she is so pretty. The performance was reasonably good, but not spectacular. I think she could have picked a better song. Jennifer said she started slow but picked up steam by the end. Keith didn't like the song choice.

Adam Lasher
"Black and Gold" Sam Sparro
Adam plays the guitar.
I don't know the song at all. It sounded like a mess to me. Saddly, Adam is not keeping up with the competition.  Harry tells him that he needed to drive the beat of the song and lead it. Keith is baffled why he would choose that song at all.

Dalton Rappattoni
"Rebel Yell" Billy Idol
Dalton nailed this song. Great performance of a classic song. Dalton definitely knows how to work the stage.  Jennifer says it was a great performance.  Harry says it was an absolutely phenomenal performance and great interpretation of the song. Keith said Dalton never disappoints.

Olivia Rox
"Confident" Demi Lovato
Olivia plays the guitar at the beginning of the song.
She seems to have a few pitch problems here and there, but overall it was good. Harry says it was very strong. Keith says it was so good, and the tone of her voice is great.

After the solo round, I think we will definitely see Dalton, Olivia, and Trent advancing to next week. The rest of the group need some major improvements in their duets to secure a spot. Saddly, I feel that one of my early favorites, Adam Lasher, is about to crash and burn and go home.

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