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American Idol 15: Top 24 #4 - Duets

The final 12 in the Top 24 group performed duets with former Idols Chris Daughtry, Jordin Sparks, Constantine Maroulis, David Cook, Kellie Pickler, and Haley Reinhart. I'm not sure why they picked Haley, except she has new music out.

The judges weren't impressed with many of the solos, so these duets are very important. Five contestants go home after these performances.

Kellie Pickler partnered with Amelia Eisenhaur
"Suds In The Bucket" Sara Evans
Amelia plays her fiddle during parts of the song.
(As a side note: I love how Keith knows the lyrics to every country song and many of the others sung also, and sings along.) Amelia and Kellie's voices blend nicely. Battle of the twangs. Good song choice for Amelia. The judges loved the performance.

Haley Reinhart partnered with Kory Wheeler
"Benny and The Jets" Elton John
Kory plays the guitar.
In theory, this should be a good choice because Haley had a great performance with this song in her season and Kory auditioned this year with this song. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. Haley was the lead and Kory strummed along and filled in here and there. Haley is more ad lib and Kory is more stick to the plan. I think Kory is in trouble. Oddly, the judges loved it.

Chris Daughtry partnered with Lee Jean
"Home" Chris Daughtry
Both Chris and Lee play guitar on the song.
Chris is an awesome mentor and duet partner for Lee. Lee is a huge fan of Daughtry so that helps in his performance. These guys sound great together. Lots of praises from the judges on this match up and song.

David Cook partnered with CJ Johnson
"The World I Know" Collective Soul
Both David and CJ play guitar on the song.
Awesome song for Cookie, not so much for CJ. David's tone is just so much more pleasing and draws you in. I was rooting for CJ, but I don't think this was enough to keep him in. The judges liked the blend of their voices, but Keith wasn't bowled over by the mellow song choice. I wasn't either.

Jordin Sparks partnered with Manny Torrez
"No Air" Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
Jordin worked with Manny on how to better convey emotions of the song.  This is the first actual duet number performed. Jordin and Manny sounded great together. It was funny to watch them perform since Jordin had on 4 inch heels making her taller than Manny. Keith commented "watching you perform with Jordin in those heels, I felt like me at the red carpet with my wife." All of the judges thought the performance was perfect.  So did I. I think Jordin saved Manny.

Constantine Maroulis partnered with Jenn Blosil
"My Funny Valentine" Frank Sinatra
Constantine is know for his version of this song on his season. They changed up the melody of Jenn lines of the song so that it was almost unrecognizable. This was a very different version of a classic song. Keith stood up for them Jennifer loved it. Harry didn't like the changes and thought it was more of a shouting match.

Kellie Pickler partnered with Tristan McIntosh
"Best Days Of Your Life" Kellie Pickler
Tristan's voice isn't twangy like Kellie's, but she can still sing country songs. The performance was good, but not great. It should be enough to keep her in the competition. The judges said they liked the performance , but each saw her youth and inexperience showing through.

David Cook partnered with Olivia Rox
"Light On" David Cook
I am a Cook fan and know the song well. This was a great match up and performance. The power in Olivia's voice matched David's well. She looked like she should be on that stage with him.  Keith said: "Your tour t-shirts are gonna say - Olivia Rox: Yes, she does." Harry said "You sing like someone who knows music. Idol's lucky to have you."

Haley Reinhart partnered with Adam Lasher
"Can't Help Falling In Love" Elvis
This partnership was a really bad idea. Adam is totally crushing on Haley and it effects his performance. To top it off, their voices don't work together at all. Adam looks so uncomfortable on stage with Haley. Separately they can sing this song, just fine, but not together. Adam needed his guitar. Jennifer said it came off well. Harry said it was captivating. Keith said he kept waiting for Adam to loosen up. he was too stiff. I agree with Keith.

Chris Daughtry partnered with Dalton Rappattoni
"Higher Ground" Stevie Wonder
Dalton's first CD as a kid was Chris', so he is thrilled to be performing with him. Chris and Dalton totally rocked the song. There isn't much more to say than that. He is definitely moving along in the competition. Harry said it was a solid performance, but they were lucky to have such a great band backing them. Keith said it was incredible. Jennifer said they were both dynamic.

Jordin Sparks partnered with Trent Harmon
"To Love Somebody" Bee Gees
This was another great match up. Jordin knows how to do a duet and make the other singer shine. Trent should be flying through to the next round. Keith said it was a great match up and Jordin pulled stuff out of Trent we hadn't heard before. Jennifer said it was a great showcase for Trent.

Constantine partnered with Shelbie Z 
"Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen
I guess Constantine did this song on his season of Idol and got high praises. This was a train wreck for Shelbie. She looked like she should be wearing a Viking helmet with those horns coming out of the sides and holding a spear instead of the mic stand. Her black outfit with the tail looked like the
viking coat just not in fur.This seemed like a SNL skit, not an Idol performance. Awful, just awful. Her facial expressions fit the same theme too. Constantine did her in for sure. Jennifer said she felt like she lost Shelbie in all of that. Harry said she didn't seem to have a point of view. Keith said he got a little scared.

So while the judges talked it over, I chose Dalton, Olivia, Trent, Lee, and Manny to advance.

The judges chose Lee, Olivia, Jenn, Dalton, Manny, Tristan and Trent to advance.

We say good bye to Shelbie Z, Amelia Eisenhaur, Kory Wheeler, CJ Johnson, and Adam Lasher.

Next episodes, contestants go from 14 to 10 and America gets to vote. Yeah!!!!

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