Friday, March 11, 2016

American Idol 15: Top 8 Become Top 6

This is the final season of American Idol and, sadly, TPTB seem to be in a huge hurry to get this show off the air. Tonight the contestants were cut down by two once again, leaving only 6 in singers in the competition. Once again the judges save one of the bottom three.

For this episode each contestant will first sing in an arranged duet with another contestant and then each will sing a solo as Ryan Seacrest reveals the top 5. The each of the bottom 3 will sing for the judges save.


La'Porsha and Trent
"See You Again" Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
Such a strange song choice for these two amazing singers. They sound fine, but I would have never saddled them with a song that basically raps. Trent hits the hit notes with ease. La'Porsha is awesome as usual.
The judges loved the performance.

Avalon and Sonika
"Rise Up" Andra Day
Interesting match up for this duet. The song is more in Avalon's wheelhouse, but Sonika hangs in there. This is a very bland performance.
Jennifer says it needed more passion.  Harry says it was more suited for Avalon.

MacKenzie and Dalton
"I Want It That Way" Backstreet Boys
MacKenzie plays guitar which immediately gives this a more singer/songwriter vibe. I like both of these guys, but this was a weird and bland performance they were forced into. They can't even explain what the song is about.
None of the judges liked the song choice for these guys. TPTB totally blew this match-up.

Tristan and Lee
"Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Aerosmith
Scott Borchetta tells up that Lee has been sick this week and we quickly hear the difference in his normally awesome voice. This song is best suited to Tristan.
Keith says it would be very difficult to find a song suited to both of their voices and styles. This song was more Tristan. Harry said the arrangement was boring and bland.

The solos announcing America's Top 5
The kids are singing songs from the American Idol songbook. That means old songs we have heard a million times on Idol.

"Come Together" The Beatles
The package tells us that LaPorsha grew up in a military family and was expected to oin the military also. We also learn about La'Porsha's favorite teacher who made a difference in her life. Tonight La'Porsha's dad and teacher are in the audience.
Once again La'Porsha sounds wonderful, but they have her wearing a hideous black jumpsuit with lots of gold chains. At least the girl can move around in the outfit. This performance was awesome in many ways, including when she was flirting with Harry.
Harry said she is incredible. Keith said any song is perfect for her.

We learn that MacKenzie was an athlete as a kid. The first time someone outside his family heard him sing was after a basketball game and his coaches were amazed. He was asked to join the schools theater for a musical.
"You Are So Beautiful" Joe Cocker
No guitar for him this time just a beautiful sincere rendition of this classic song. Best thing I heard up to this point on the show.
Harry loved the song choice.  Keith asked if MacKenzie pick the song himself - YES, he did. Amazing. Keith said he made it sound brand new.

**Time for a plug for last seasons champion, Nick Fradiani and his new single, "Get You Home." Interesting song. Not what I expected from Nick. Not bad, just different.**

We are reminded that Trent lives on a 500 acre farm. He tells about being superstitious and not telling his family about being on Idol until he was leaving for Hollywood.
"Stand By Me" Ben E King
Very different a Capella beginning to the song. Not may favorite. You can really tell Trent has been working on correcting the facial expressions thing, maybe too much. he is looking all sleek and citified now. He's lost his country look.  I kike his voice, but this wasn't my favorite performance.
Keith said he shouldn't lean on stylistic moments so much. Jennifer said she is sad he has lost so much of his more unique look that he started the competition with.

Her package tells us about Tristan's mom's dad who is Tristan's biggest fan. he taught Tristan about country music and how to write music. He is sick now but still tries to be there for Tristan's performances.
"A Broken Wing" Martina McBride
Beautiful song choice. This was a very emotional performance.
Jennifer said she has the perfect country voice. Keith said this was the right song choice. Harry asks her about the meaning of part of the song because she is so smart, she would have learned what it is about. Tristan explains this song was the first song that made her cry when she heard it.

Dalton grew up in Dallas suburb with a mom who was a serious music fan in the '80's. She said they introduced him to every kind of music possible as a kid.
"Eleanor Rigby" the Beatles
There are strings with the Idol band for this arrangement. It reminds me of a Rock Opera version of the song. It's just right for showing off what Dalton can do with a song.
Harry said Dalton did a great job introducing this song to a younger audience that probably hasn't heard it before. Keith liked that he brought out the darker undercurrent of the song with the theatrical aspect of the performance.

The bottom 3 are Avalon, Lee, and Sonika.

We learn from her mom that Avalon has a tick from OCD that does not appear when she sings.
"PYT- Pretty Young Thing" Michael Jackson
Yuck. This song sounds just like everything else she sings; a girl singing guys hip-hop flavored stuff.
The judges all admit she is talented but America is not connecting with her like studio audience is.  Well, it looks like it's bye bye to Avalon this week.

Lee's family moved a lot when he was young and he didn't have many friends. When his only friend at one school heard him sing, she spread the news and everyone loved his voice.
"Let It Be" The Beatles
This song is a major undertaking even when your not sick. Unfortunately it effected his pitch a lot.
All three judges acknowledged the pitch problems.
Looks like Lee will be going home unless Sonika completely falls apart.

We learn that Sonika is not the only singer in her family. Mom performed with Bollywood.
"I Have Nothing" Whitney Houston
She's not Whitney, but she did a really good job on an impossible song. Definitely the best of the bottom 3.
Harry loved it. Jennifer didn't seem to be blown away. I think she is safe this week.

And the judges save--------- Sonika.

Ryan tells us there are 4 more weeks of Idol. Adam Lambert will be appearing next week.

I won't even speculate on who gets the ax next week.

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