Friday, March 4, 2016

American Idol 15: Top 8 Revealed

On this week's episode of AI, the Top 10 turned into the Top 8 one performance at a time. We were given the Top 7 from last week's audience vote and then the judges decided which contestant to keep from the bottom three.

The theme for this week was Grammy -Winning Songs.  Demi Lovato dropped by to sing and Harry performed.Here's how it all went down.

Moving on to the Top 8:

"Radioactive" Imagine Dragons
This was a good performance, but I felt it needed a little more power in the middle. Keith didn't like the song choice because it didn't work for Dalton's normal ability to put in his own change-ups. Harry thought it was missing electricity.

"Use Somebody" Kings of Leon
Nice job.  I liked it when Lee swung the guitar over his shoulder, took the mic, and moved toward the audience. Jennifer liked the song choice but feels Lee can stretch himself even more. Harry said it was a strong performance, but Keith he needed to do something different with the song.

***Demi Lovato took to the stage with the Top 10 to perform "Confident". The girls sang parts with Demi; the guys played guitar. Then Demi sang "Stone Cold" - a powerful breakup song.

"Since You've Been Gone" Kelly Clarkson
She was not as good as last week on the Evanescence song. There just wasn't enough attitude.  Keith wanted more attitude and fire. Jennifer said she was more controlled than last week.

"I Want To Dance With Somebody" Whitney Houston
MacKenzie played the electric guitar on this song with the full band backing him. It was ok, but I think it would have been more original if he did an acoustic version of the song. Keith liked it. Jennifer thought the switch -up of guy singing a girl song really worked. Harry liked it, but thought an acoustic version would have been more MacKenzie.  The song was dedicated to his grandmother who is in the hospital.

"Halo" Beyonce
Another awesome performance by La'Porsha. It wasn't as good as last week's , but it was still majorly good. Jennifer said she is a hard act to follow. Harry said she knows how to make a song have a beginning, middle, and end. Keith told her to relax and not let the wardrobe differences effect her.

***Harry performed "I Do Like We Do" featuring Butch Walker on guitar. He dedicated the song to his wife.

"When A Man Loves A Woman" Michael Bolton
In the package, we see that Scott Borchetta has Trent working on losing the weird facial expressions.
Sadly, Trent seems to be thinking too much about his expressions while he is singing. He still sounds good, but seems awkward. Harry tells Trent that he loves his voice especially on the high sustained notes. Keith says at times he is thinking and not emoting; don't worry so much about the expressions.

"Go Rest High On That Mountain" Vince Gill
In the package we learn that Tristan has been worried about song choice and finally felt positive about this week's song, but Scott Borchetta vetoed the original song, crushing Tristan's confidence. Fortunately, the change was the best thing that she could have done. This performance was beautiful. She received a standing "O" from Keith and Jennifer. Harry told her he loves it when she sings country songs. Tristan dedicated the performance to her grandpa, who just found out he broke his back.

The bottom three: Avalon, Olivia, Gianna.

"Earned It" The Weeknd
I say NO. I really wish she wasn't trying so hard to be like a guy, and singing all these male hip-hop type songs.  She has a pretty voice, but all the gestures and mannerisms of male rap/hip-hop artists is not attractive. Of course, the judges are all praises. I think I see the handwriting on the wall already. TPTB need Avalon to hang around for a while longer.

"Trouble" Pink
In the package we find out that Olivia was in the hospital for part of last week with the flu. No wonder she didn't perform up to her normal standards. She couldn't move properly. This performance was better than last week, but it was not a great song choice. The judges were not feeling her performance either.

"If I Got You" Alicia Keys
This was way too big of a song for her. The performance was ok, but not special. The judges praised her voice, but not the performance.

And the judges saved: Avalon

So now the Top 8 is an even number of boys/girls.
Dalton, Lee, MacKenzie, Trent
Sonika, La'Porsha, Tristan, Avalon

I think the two in trouble for this next week are Sonika and Lee.
La'Porsha is the one to beat. TPTB seem to have crowned her already.

We will see what happens next week.

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