Thursday, April 7, 2016

American Idol 15: Finale Week Begins

Not only is this week the finale of season 15, it is the finale of the entire show. No more American Idol after this week. I'm sad. I've been watching this silly show since the middle of season 6. Yes, I know I missed some really great performances that occurred before that time, but I also witnessed some phenomenal singers birthed right before my eyes. It will be very odd not being able to watch this show next year. Oh well. I guess all good things do actually come to an end.

So, on Tuesday's episode, we saw a recap of the 15 great years of American Idol. I won't go through the whole thing here. It was fun to watch the history of AI condensed into an hour and a half show. Of course, not all seasons were treated equally in this run-down, but it was still a great show.

On Wednesday, the Top 3 became the Top 2, but not until we heard the contestants tell why they were inspired by past contestants and sing as a trio a snippet of "Stole The Show." Then we heard the contestants perform their possible coronation songs. Since we don't yet know who will win the show, these are the songs each contestant will release as their first single, if they win. Or that is the way it used to go. It seems that all three were released on iTunes this time around.

Round One: The winner's song
Not what I would want to hear as Trent's first release. It is very R&B heavy sounding. Much like something from Robin Thick, whom I don't like very much. Oh well. Those first coronation songs usually aren't awesome. Philip Phillips really lucked out on his song. It was perfect for him.
No judges commentary on the first round of songs.

"Strike A Match"
This is a nice upbeat pop/rock song. Dalton seems happy singing it. It might not have the meaty lyrics that he usually sings, but it could work for that first release. Nice job.

La'Porsha Renae Jennings (not sure I've ever heard her last name before)
Well, if that title doesn't fit a La'Porsha song, I don't know who it does fit. It's a basic overcoming life's struggles song. It has a nice beat and is much easier to sing along with than the other two songs in this grouping.

Sadly it is time for 3 to become 2. As I said last week, I would be fine with any of these three becoming the final American Idol. They are all very good in their own ways.
Ryan announces La'Porsha and Trent are safe and will battle it out for the title.

That means Dalton is #3. That is a very respectable place to land in the competition. Showing what an awesome young man Dalton is, he is thrilled for Trent when his name is called. Dalton is all smiles as the highlight reel of his time on Idol is played. I think this young man will definitely have a chance in the world of music. It is probably better that he isn't given the added pressure of the final Idol title, since he does have the added bipolar disorder already on his plate. He has proven he can draw a following and I look forward to hearing from him in the future.

Round two: Simon Fuller's Choice
"If You Don't Know Me By Now"
Trent looks sharp in a plum velvet jacket over black. Another R&B song for Trent. (But Scott Borchetta said he will sign as a country artist. ??)This song is good for him. He took some liberties with the timing of the song and I think it paid off. Good job.
Keith - It's been extraordinary to watch how far you've come in this competition. You're giving La'Porsha a run for her money.
Jennifer - For the first time in a long time we actually have a battle going on here. That was amazing.
Harry - I want to congratulate Simon on a great choice. By now I feel like I know you. Nice job.

"A House Is Not A Home"
I forget to say in the first round that the dreads are gone. La'Porsha's regular Afro-styled hair is back. It looks much more normal on her. And her dress is so much better for this song; a beautiful classic black gown.
I liked the performance. She sounded great.
Jennifer - That's one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time. That was so beautiful baby.
Harry - One of the greatest things about the way you do lyrics is that you never overdo them; you keep them believable.
Keith - All I know is I don't even smoke and I need a cigarette right now. It was beautiful, smoldering. Perfect song choice.

Ryan asks Jennifer who won round two and she says they were both good, but La'Porsha.

Round Three: Contestant's Choice - Reprised Song
He has such an amazing range in his voice. There was zero problems for him to switch between these notes. Very nice performance.
Harry - We have two great singer left and if you were going to do anything to make this the hardest decision probably in the history of American idol, you just did it. That was really, really strong.
Keith - For some people, you may have just made it a real easy decision. Your vocal transition from head to chest into falsetto is so gorgeous and a magnificent thing to hear you sing it.
Jennifer - From the very beginning, I saw something so very special in you and I knew you'd be here in the last two. It's up to America now. You could not have sung that better.

Ryan brought out a leather bound book. It's Trent's journal where he has written down every comment the judges have eve given him.

La'Porsha is wearing another black gown; this one is bedazzled with rhinestones to fit the song. She performs an example of vocal gymnastics at its finest. This song seemed to be much shorter than Trent's song. Hum???
Keith - The songs you two chose tonight - if you were skiers, these songs were multiple black diamond runs, and you both just sailed down the hill. Beautiful job.
Jennifer - Watching you sing that song, and we've seen you have such control and composure all through this competition, so effortlessly, so beautifully, I know it takes a lot. I can't wait to go to your show one day and you can let loose.
Harry - I have nothing to say - It was incredible, amazing.

And there we have the end of an era. The final performances of the competition songs have been sung on American Idol. Now we just wait for the results to be read. I will be fine with either of these amazing singers winning. They both seem to be very humble people who are honestly amazed by where they are at this time.

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